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Basically I found out what Samurai Champloo was and when it ended I died.



so, basically just wanted to tell y’all that i’ll be back and posting as regularly.


oh gosh golly, sorry i’ve been so inactive. i’ll probably just stay that way. holler at me if ya need something.

I moved my account to ‘stephenkingofficial’ please follow my new account

Anal porn


Is it okay if I am in absolute love with this movie? Okay?

Yes yes it is


So this is pretty much for the 2 people that actually actively follow my blog but I thought I would tell y’all why I haven’t posted a lot recently. So a couple weeks ago I moved to America and I’ve been settling in and my laptop, that I was playing games and livestreaming on, pretty much broke, hard disk failure, so I have been uploading a lot. Sorry but its sucks for me too because I can’t even play StarCraft 2 :(. So hopefully when it gets fixed I will be more active. ily, and thanks for putting up with me.

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